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关于my family英语作文范文

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  每个人都有自己的家庭,你的家庭是怎样的呢?下面小编就给大家整理了一下my family英语优秀作文的范文,欢迎阅读。

关于my family英语作文范文


  you haven't been to mhome? you will see mhome feel verordinary, but i think mfamilivergood. i'll introduce.

  mfamillivein the countreallbring shuguang primarschool on the first floor. mdoor isilver. a pile of coal ientered the kitchen, on the left, on the right ithe bowl of cabinet. out of the kitchen ion the right ithe bathroom (toilet). straight walk into a room, iverbig, put two beds, two cabinets, there ia small box and a big carton. one out of the room ithe living roo the sitting room hatwo table, two cabinets. a cabinet on the tv. our familiusuallwatch tv here. go straight up a staircase, on which there are three rooms, one imsister and i, one imparents, one irent out for the school office. mroom hatwo small table, a big bed and a small bed, mom and dad'room haa big bed and a table.

  live seven people in mfamily. the seven are: father, mother, grandmother, sister, brother, sister. mfather love to placards, watch tv, smoking, drinking, hijoito repair the motorcycle. mother love knitting wool, no work, at home to our meals, laundry... sister love rubber band skipping, primarschool, grade 2.

  i love mhome, the home imrelon, i can't have no home.






  everyone haa beautiful and happfamily, the familihappy, the familihome, the familibusy.

  i also have a happy, happfamily, i'd like to introduce mfamily, father, mother, grandmother, lovelbrother and i, thiiour familmembers.

  dad usuallwork ibusy, can onlcome back in a daor two a week, sometimea week can come back, come back, i want to hug mdad, mdad alwaysaid how old, i alwaysaid that i am a long not big kid forever. ha ha.

  mother'skin iverwhite, i've been envmother skin iverwhite, if mskin iso white, mmother'hair iverlong, a pair of black eyedouble-fold eyelid, mmother come back to work from nine o 'clock in the morning to noon at eleven o 'clock, three o 'clock in the afternoon to come back at eight o 'clock, mmother go to work vereasily.

  i have a kindlgrandmother, to give ua breakfast evermorning, everdawatching tv at home, do household chores, go out to play, to live a happold age.

  i have a loveland naughtbrother, brother ivernaughty, sometimein our life studialso vergood, sometimemake them ha ha laugh, joke, thiimnaughtlittle brother.

  the last member of the familime, i am a happy, sunshine, self-confident girl, sometimemake mistakes, sometimesathe wrong thing, make them ha ha laugh. mlife motto; it ipromised to do, don't gaffes.

  thiimbeautiful and happfamily.










  talk about our home ah, it ia "zoo", here ifull of happinesand joy. whdo you sathat? and the wato listen to me slowly.

  dad ithe onlknowledge and laz"pig". he love to do housework, renovate the house often, hibest construction technology, but he haa heavy, that isleeping, dad isleeping had died and she doesn't wake up, and a long sleep, often force uto adopt both mother and son, beside the ear dad yell: dinner, he wasitting up in a daze.

  mother ia gentle and kind "sheep". mother at home to take care of me all day, sick to take me to the hospital, the examination didn't test good and i together to analysithe reason, to help me write a composition, do a mother'responsibility. mom ivergood, one dawe went to the park to play, the mother saw a group of friendtease and magpie, hence come forward to stop. "said birdare human'good friends, a magpie a dacan eat hundredof pests!" so we need to protect birds. the red the face after a few kidran away.

  i am a clever and naught"rabbit". math imroutine, when writing mspecialtability, at the same time, i am familbaby. i also naughty, after go home, i climbed the ladder to plaa day, quicklclimbed to the top, i looked down, mama ah, good high ah, i have a fear of heights, shouted along while also no one answered, i have to encourage yourself to climdown, to the ground, i long sigh.

  hehey, thiimfamily, full of love and warmth, life ifull of fun.






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