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  ( ) 1.The global financial crisis(金融危机) has made many people_____ their money.

  A. to care for B. took care of C. be careful with D. to be cared about

  ( )2.---These problems are too difficult to ___ . Could you please give me some advice? --There are many ways, but the most important is to think them over before doing them. A. work out B. look out C. hand out D. put out

  ( ) 3.--I’m sorry I can’t find the library book anywhere. --I’m afraid you have to ______ it. A. send for B. call for C. pay for D. wait for ( ) 4.---,Jim, what are you doing now?

  --I’m writing to my good friend, Tom.He moved to America last week.He must be_____ receiving my e-mail. A.1istening to B.looking forward to C.hoping to D. excited to ( ) 5. Jill doesn’t like the sunglasses in the ad because they can’t _____ the sun well. A. take out B. keep out C. clean out D. look out ( ) 6. It is impolite to _____ those people in trouble.

  A.1augh to B. 1augh with C. laugh of D. 1augh at ( ) 7.My grandmother________ us stories when we were young.

  A.was used to tell B.is used to telling C.used to tell D.was used to tell ( ) 8. Many old buildings were _______ and new buildings are being built.

  A. put out B. pulled down C. gone down D. fell down ( ) 9.—Tess, your books are in a terrible mess (凌乱)on your desk. —I’m sorry. I’ll _________ at once.

  A. put them away B. put them out C. put them on D. put them down

  ( ) 10. .More and more waste has ___ a lot of space. We should take some measures to reduce it.

  A. taken place B. taken away C. taken up D. taken off


  ( ) 1. Lily is upset these days. Do you know how to ______ her ______?

  A. cheer; up B. cheer; on C. pick; up D. put; away

  ( ) 2. Please _______these test papers to each student.

  A. give off B. give out C. give up D. give in

  ( ) 3. All the students must ______your homework before ten o’clock, or you will be punished.

  A. hand out B. hand in C. hand over D. hand on

  ( ) 4. Would you please _______ the music a little, Lily? I am learning English.

  A. turn up B. turn down C. turn off D. turn on

  ( ) 5. Attention, please! The plane will _____ in a minute. Every passenger, please fasten(系) your safety belt.

  A. take up B. take off C. take over D. take down

  ( ) 6. This math problem is very difficult, so I can’t ______it ______.

  A. work; out B. point; out C. set; up D. try; on

  ( ) 7. If you don’t know the meaning of the word, you can _______ it _______ in the dictionary.

  A. look; up B. look; into C. make; up D. dress; up

  ( ) 8. The old man _______ cancer at last.

  A. died from B. died of C. goes through D. ends with

  ( ) 9. --What does your mother _______? --She is tall and beautiful.

  A. look after B. look like C. look at D. look for

  ( ) 10. I don’t know how to _______my sad feeling. Can you help me?

  A. do with B. deal with C. run after D. go over

  ( ) 11. I _______ my English teacher this morning while I was eating breakfast.

  A. came about B. came from C. came across D. came over

  ( ) 12. --Shall I take you to the shopping center after school?

  -- No, thanks. My father said he would ______ on his way home.

  A. look for me B. pick me up C. let me down D. take after me

  ( ) 13.—Why don’t you _______the correct spelling of the word?

  —I’m sorry. I don’t have a Chinese-English dictionary at hand.

  A. look for B. look down C. look up D. look at

  ( ) 14. Have you _______ your new classmates yet?

  A. had friends with B. made friend with C. got friend to D. made friends with

  ( ) 15—Would you mind ______ my baby while I am away? —Of course not.

  A. looking for B. looking at C. looking after D. looking forward to

  ( ) 16..Tom, ______ your sunglasses. The sun is so bright.

  A. put on B. put up C. put away D. put down

  ( ) 17.—Could I speak to Lily, please?--_____ a minute. I will call her at once.

  A. Hold on B. Pass on C. Put on D. Hold back

  ( ) 18.I am sure those scientists will ______ a way to solve the difficult problem.

  A. put up B. come up with C. look up D. come up

  ( ) 19.--Tim, ______ your T-shirt at once! It looks so dirty.--Sorry, Mum. I was playing football the whole afternoon.

  A. take off B. take on C. put off D. put on

  ( ) 20.---Could you come to my home this weekend?

  --I’m afraid I can’t. I_____ look after my grandmother in hospital.

  A. used to B. have to C. prefer to D. belong to


  ( )1. - Diaoyu Island belongs to China.

  - Surely it does! We Chinese will never _______ it up.

  A. cut B. fix C. give D. set

  ( )2. - Mr Li, I can't understand everything in class.

  - Don't worry! I'll _______ the main points at the end.

  A. record B. review C. require D. remember

  ( )3. She hurriedly _______ the child and took him downstairs.

  A. put on B. wore C. dressed D. had on

  ( )4.Here is the book. First _______ it and then tell me what you think of it.

  A. look into B. look through C. look up D. look after

  ( )5. On the top of the hill _______ an ancient tower with a history of

  more than l,000 years.

  A stood B. ran C. came D. lived

  ( )6. - Would you please see the film Iron Man 3 with me tonight, Kate? - I'd love to, but I've _______ Linda's invitation to dinner.

  A suffered B. earned C. received D. accepted

  ( )7. When you visit a museum you should _______ the instructions and

  don't be against them

  A. compare with B. look forward to

  C. pay attention to D. try out

  ( )8. - Can I _______ your bike?

  - With pleasure. But you mustn't _______ it to others.

  A lend; borrow B. borrow; lend

  C. lend; lend D. borrow; borrow

  ( )9. - I don't know where to go this summer vacation

  - Why not _____visiting Huanggang? There are many places of

  interest there.

  A. suggest B. wonder C. consider D. regard

  ( )10. - I trunk I've got a bad cold, Doctor. Shall I take some medicine? - No need. Your body itself is able to _______ the virus. Just drink more water and rest.

  A catch B. fight C. lose D. hide

  ( )11. His family are worried about him because they haven't _______ letters from him for a long time.

  A. accepted B. received C. written D. collected

  ( )12 - Would you mind _______ the music a little? Don't you think it's too loud?

  - Sorry! I'll do it in a minute.

  A. turning on B. turning off C. turning up D. turning down

  ( )13. In April, the weather in some places in Shanxi was really changeable.

  People still remember they have _______ four seasons in a week.

  A organized B. experienced C. described

  ( )14. - Do you know why he didn't _______ a word when he _______ to? - Because he was too nervous.

  A. speak; speaks B. say; was spoken

  C. say; spoke D. speak; is spoken

  ( )15. If you want to change the world, you have to_______ yourself first.

  A enjoy B. check C. help D. change

  ( )16. I will meet Jane at the station. Please _______ what time she will


  A count B. choose C. check D. catch

  ( )17. - Sam, my iPhone is in my bedroom. Could you _______ it for me? - No problem

  A. bring B. fetch C. take D. carry

  ( )18. - How much is the ticket to Central Park?

  - A one-way ticket _______ $40, and you can _______ another $ 20 for a


  A. costs; pay B. cost; spend C. pay; spend D. spends; pay

  ( )19. Scientists are trying their best to _______ ways to treat the terrible disease called H7N9.

  A. come up with B. look forward to C. talk about D. give up

  ( )20. - Is Kate serious? - I _______. She never means it

  A. suppose B. agreeC. believe D. wonder








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